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Aug 31, 2018

Our three heroes realise they've been robbed by the love of Foncho Von Fonch's life. They decide to do what anyone would do post night-mugging; they go hedging. 




Aug 26, 2018

Season 2 of 2 Old 4 RPG starts here. Our heroes tried to warn the town of Eckster of an impending Automaton attack only for the attack to be a no-show. Now, more directionless than usual, Foncho, Thogrin and Bundes find meaning as only they know how - in a box of funny hats.

Aug 16, 2018

Behold our live show from Dublin Comiccon. Marvel as the most blood thirsty crowd of all time kills everyone in their path to get Thogrin Rost to the end of a totally original, self-contained, totally original adventure....

Aug 9, 2018

After failing to wow audiences at the circus our three heroes decide to head to town to warn the villagers of the oncoming Black Knight horde. Can Bundes, Thogrin and a love-struck Foncho convince anyone to help? And if they do, will they undo all their good work with questionable decision making?

Aug 2, 2018

Our three heroes realise that the magic figurines are not to be messed with and decide to warn the next town of their impending arrival.... after they join the circus